Workshop In General Linguistics (WIGL)

The LSO has sponsored the Workshop in General Linguistics annually since 2003. The workshop is held in spring at UW-Madison, and is open to presentations from any subfield of linguistics. The proceedings are published online in the LSO Working Papers.


WIGL 12 (2015)

WIGL 12 will be held on April 11-12, 2015.

For further information, please contact:

Sarah Lundquist


Past WIGLs



Schedule Invited Speakers
WIGL 11 (2014)  Schedule Tom Purnell, Eric Raimy, and Joe Salmons  
WIGL 10 (2012) Schedule Monica Macaulay, Rand Valentine   

WIGL 9 (2011)

Schedule Rebecca Shields  

WIGL 8 (2010)


Joe Salmons, Hamid Ouali


WIGL 7 (2009)

  Kier Moulton  
WIGL 6 (2008) Schedule Yafei Li  
WIGL 5 (2007) Schedule and abstracts Murvet Enc pictures
WIGL 4 (2006) Schedule and abstracts Marianne Milligan  
WIGL 3 (2005) Schedule Monica Macaulay  
WIGL 2 (2004) Schedule Tom Purnell  
WIGL 1 (2003)   Vivian Lin  


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