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Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong

Ph.D. Dissertation, 1991


This thesis addresses three issues in Thai anaphora by using the Government and Binding (GB) framework as presented in Chomsky 1981, 1982, 1986 and subsequent studies. This thesis discusses the parametric variation in syntactic principles for Thai with regards to the distribution and properties of anaphora. The three issues discussed are the Binding Theory and NP types in Thai, null objects in Thai and the Licensing and Identification principles for Thai null pronominals. The thesis consists of four chapters. Chapter One provides some relevant background information on Thai. Chapter Two discusses the relevant syntactic notions of GB to be assumed for Thai and discusses the classification and distribution of overt NPs in Thai with respect to the Binding Theory. Chapter Three provides arguments for null pronominal objects in Thai, based on the data from Topicalization/Left Dislocation and Relativization. An analysis of each of these constructions is also presented, showing that these constructions in Thai do not involve movement. Chapter Four discusses the Licensing and Identification principles for Thai pronominals, based on Rizzi' s (1986) proposal. It is argued that Thai null pronominals do not need to be licensed or identified by phi-features. Their reference is identified in the same way as those of overt pronouns.

Department of Linguistics University of Wisconsin-Madison

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