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Name Email Areas of Interest
Brent Allen bcallen @ Phonetics & phonology of word prosodic systems, historical comparative linguistics, endangered languages
Carolina Bailey munozrivera @ Syntax-semantics interface in Spanish, acquisition of clitics in Spanish SLA
Whitney Barnebey barnebey @  
Sarah Beckham sbeckham @ Phonology
Yu-Lin Chiu ychiu3 @  
Dun Deng ddeng @ Syntax, semantics, syntax-semantics & syntax-morphology interfaces, Chinese linguistics 
Alexandra Galambos galambos @ Semantics, syntax-semantics interface, lexicography; semantics & syntax of aspect, interaction of aspect & modality, event structure
Tammy Goss tgoss @ Documentation, preservation, & revitalization of endangered languages, lexicography, morphology, historical & comparative linguistics
Iljoo Ha iljooha @ Syntax & semantics of WH-questions in Korean & Turkish
Yoon Ho Jeon yjeon4 @ Syntax, syntax-semantics interface
Meredith Johnson majohnson25 @
Gretchen Kern gkern2 @ Phonology, Celtic languages, Japanese
Yoon Jung Kim ykim53 @  
Blake Rodgers brodgers @ Phonetics, stop VOICING, laryngeal dynamics, phonetics/phonology interface
Bryan Rosen bdrosen @
Chenqing Song csong @  
Xiaoyi Sun xsun6 @  
Nicholas Williams newilliams2 @ newilliams2/web
Computational linguistics, language processing, phonology, syntactic theories
Na Yuchi yuchi @


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