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Vivian Lin

Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics

Office: 1166 Van Hise
Phone: 262-7899
Personal page:

Ph.D.: MIT, Linguistics, 2002

Academic positions held
Fall 2002-present: UW-Madison

Courses taught
Introduction to Linguistics

Current research interests - See the Research Page

Representative publications

To appear. A Way to Undo A-Movement. Proceedings of WCCFL 20.

2001. Discontinuous QPs and LF Interference Effects in Passamaquoddy. (With Benjamin Bruening.) In J.-Y. Kim and A. Werle (eds.), UMOP 25: The Proceedings of SULA. The Semantic of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas.

2001. An MEG Study of Tone Processing Asymmetries in English versus Mandarin Speakers. (With Benjamin Bruening.) In M. Kim & U. Strauss (eds.), Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 31.

2000. Determiner Sharing. In R. Billerey & Lillehaugen (eds.), WCCFL 19 Proceedings. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.


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