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Monica Macaulay

Professor, Department of Linguistics

Office: 1164 Van Hise
Phone: 262-2292
Personal page:

Ph.D.: University of CA-Berkeley, Linguistics, 1987

Academic positions held
1996-present: UW-Madison
1988-1996: Purdue University
1987-1988: George Mason University

Courses taught
Introduction to Linguistics
Survey of North American Indian Languages
Field Methods
Advanced Morphology
Research Methods and Materials

Current research interests - See the Research Page

Representative publications

In progress. On Prominence Hierarchies: The Case of Algonquian.

To appear. Surviving Linguistics: A Guide for Students. Cascadilla Press.

To appear. The Syntax of Chalcatongo Mixtec: Preverbal and Postverbal. Volume from the Workshop on the Syntax of Verb-Initial Languages, February, 2003; Andrew Carnie and Heidi Harley (eds.). Cambridge University Press.

To appear. Training Linguistics Students for the Realities of Fieldwork. Anthropological Linguistics.

2003. Negation, Dubitatives, and Mirativity in Menominee. Proceedings of the 34th Algonquian Conference, pp. 217-240.

2002. Narrative Structure of a Menominee Text. (With Marianne Milligan.) Proceedings of the 33rd Algonquian Conference, pp. 291-327.

2000. Obviative Marking in Ergative Contexts: The Case of Karuk 'îin. International Journal of American Linguistics 66(4):464-498.

1997. Don't Touch My Projectile: Gender Bias and Stereotyping in Syntactic Examples. (With Colleen Brice.) Language 73(4):798-825.

1996. A Grammar of Chalcatongo Mixtec. University of California Publications in Linguistics, Vol. 127. Berkeley, Los Angeles: University of California Press.

1995. The Phonology of Glottalization in Mixtec. (With Joseph C. Salmons.) International Journal of American Linguistics 61(1):38-61.

1993. Reduplication and the Structure of the Karuk Verb Stem. International Journal of American Linguistics 59(1):64-81.


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