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Dear friends of the Linguistics Department,

Once again, greetings from Wisconsin. This spring finds us with good news and bad news. The bad news is that Marie Hélène Côté, one of our new phonologists, is leaving to take a job in Ottawa. She assures us it's not that she doesn't like it here; it's just that she can't pass up an opportunity to move so close to home (in fact, she'll be able to live in Quebec and have just a short commute to work in Ottawa). We are broken-hearted to lose her, but wish her all the best.

But on a happier note we have had a very good and productive couple of months since I last wrote. We've accomplished a huge amount: we've done strategic planning to plot our course for the next three years, we're almost done revising the structure of our curriculum and our major, and we've brought most of our course descriptions up to date. The alumni survey that I mentioned in the last newsletter will be sent out soon—please do fill it out and send it back!

One of our most exciting events was the University Lecture by Mark Aronoff and the subsequent morphology workshop (details follow). We also co-sponsored another University Lecture by Dennis Preston with the delightful title "The Greatest Language in the World: Midwestern English," and will be having a few other spring talks as well.

Finally, I want to extend my thanks to those who have donated to our department since the last newsletter. Your donations help us to produce this newsletter and finance the talks and colloquia that we tell you about. In addition, this year we are inaugurating a "Best Undergraduate Paper in Linguistics" award, and your donations will go towards the $100 prize we're going to give the winner. If you'd like to help us out with this or any other project, the address is: University of Wisconsin Foundation, 1848 University Avenue, PO Box 8860, Madison, WI, 53708-8860. Specify the Linguistics Department fund #12540435.

Enjoy the spring and summer!


Monica Macaulay, Chair

Students & Faculty

Two of our graduate students will be giving papers this month: Dukkyo Jung will be giving a paper at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference titled "Japanese Predicates and Negation," and Marianne Milligan will be giving "Correlates of Stress: Typologically Unusual Results in Menominee" at the 37th meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society.

We have lots of seniors graduating at the end of this semester (or after the summer session). Here's what a few of them are planning on doing: Lev Blumenfeld will be starting graduate school in Linguistics at Stanford next fall, and Rebecca Quigley will be starting in Linguistics at UT-Austin. April Winecke will be graduating with a double major in Linguistics and Anthropology (as well as a Certificate in Native American Studies). She'll be moving to Washington DC, and hopes to work at the Smithsonian for a year before starting graduate school in Museum Studies.

Check out your Spring 2001 "On Wisconsin" alumni magazine, p. 8, for an article on one of our faculty!


We had a morphology extravaganza in March. First, Mark Aronoff (SUNY-Stony Brook) gave a lecture on "The ABC's of Language"—a discussion of the history of the alphabet. Then the next day we had a morphology workshop with papers by Mark Aronoff, Jonathan Bobaljik (McGill), Yafei Li (UW), Edwin Williams (Princeton), and yours truly, the editor of this newsletter (with coauthors Marianne Milligan [UW] and Matt Pearson [UCLA]).


The Linguistics Student Organization is working on a new volume of working papers, which will include articles by five graduate students (details will appear in the fall newsletter). The LSO also co-sponsored the talks mentioned above, plus one by Anja Wanner (UW English Department) entitled "Too Abstract for Agents? The Representation of Agentivity in Abstracts of English Research Articles." Goals for next year include the organization of a student colloquium, and collaboration with students from other language-related departments in applying for grant money to attend the LSA annual conference next winter.

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