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Linguistics-Related Courses in Other Departments

Refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Course Catalogs for course descriptions and prerequisites. Availability may vary — check the Timetable for current course offerings.

Department & Course Number

Course Title

African Languages 500

Language and Society in Africa

African Languages 501

Structure and Analysis of African Languages

African Languages 571

Structure of an African Language

African Languages 611 (Crosslisted with Hebrew Studies)

Comparative Grammar of Semitic Languages

African Languages 701

Advanced Topics in African Linguistics

African Languages 903

Seminar in African Linguistics

African Languages 921

Seminar in Comparison and Classification of African Languages

African Languages 925

Seminar in Field Methods in African Languages and Literatures

Comm. Disorders 200

Introduction to Phonetics

Comm. Disorders 201

Speech Science

Comm. Disorders 210

Speech and Language Functions of the Brain

Comm. Disorders 241

Language Development in Children and Adolescents

Comm. Disorders 303

Speech Acoustics and Perception

Comm. Disorders 503

Neural Mechanisms of Speech, Hearing and Language

Comm. Disorders 728

Psychological Acoustics

Comm. Disorders 815

Physiological Phonetics

Comm. Disorders 816

Acoustical Phonetics

Comm. Disorders 945

Language and Cognition

Computer Science 545

Natural Language and Computing

Computer Science 771 (Crosslisted with Linguistics)

Computational Linguistics

Computer Science 773 (Crosslisted with Linguistics)

Problems in Computational Linguistics

E. Asian Languages 358

Language in Japanese Society

E. Asian Languages 431-432

Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

E. Asian Languages 434

Introduction to Japanese Linguistics

E. Asian Languages 623-632

History of the Chinese Language

E. Asian Languages 633-634

History of the Japanese Language

E. Asian Languages 741

Studies in Chinese Syntax and Morphology

E. Asian Languages 775

Studies in Japanese Linguistics

E. Asian Languages 932

Seminar in Chinese Linguistics

E. Asian Languages 933

Seminar in Japanese Linguistics

English 320 (Crosslisted with Medieval Studies)

Old English

English 321 (Crosslisted with Medieval Studies)

Middle English

English 323

History of the English Language

English 324

Structure of English

English 325

Applied English Linguistics for Teachers

English 329

Introduction to the Syntax of English

English 330

English Phonology

English 331

English Dialects

English 332

Studies in Interlanguage

English 333

ESL: Principles of Language Learning

English 336

English in Society

English 339

Linguistics and Literary Study

English 708

Advanced English Syntax

English 709

Advanced English Phonology

English 710

Discourse Analysis

English 711

Research on English as a Second Language

English 713

Topics in Contemporary English Linguistics

English 714

Topics in Historical English Linguistics

English 905

Seminar--Topics in Applied English Linguistics

English 906

Seminar--The English Language

French & Italian 429 (Crosslisted with Spanish & Portuguese)

Introduction to the Romance Languages

French 590

French Phonetics

French & Italian 817-818 (Crosslisted with Spanish & Portuguese)

Romance Philology

French & Italian 843-844

Old Provencal

German 351

Introduction to German Linguistics

German 352

Topics in German Linguistics

German 650

History of the German Language

German 651 (Crosslisted with Medieval Studies)

Introduction to Middle High German

German 662

Applied German Philology

German 671


German 727

Topics in Applied Linguistics

German 751

Contrastive Grammar of English and German

German 755

Old Germanic Languages

German 768

Comparative and Historical Grammar of the Old Germanic Languages

German 769

Introduction to Comparative Germanic Morphology

German 960

Seminar in German Linguistics

German 970

Advanced Seminar in German Linguistics

Italian 701-702

Introduction to Italian Linguistics

Italian 771

History of the Italian Language

Langs & Cultures of Asia 441

Language and Society in Southeast Asia

Langs & Cultures of Asia 530

Proseminar: Introduction to Turkic Linguistics

Philosophy 516

Language and Meaning

Philosophy 517

Special Topics in the Philosophy of Language

Philosophy 916

Seminar - Philosophy of Language

Portuguese 326

Advanced Portuguese Linguistics

Portuguese 333

Structure of the Portuguese Language

Portuguese 335

Historical Grammar of Portuguese

Portuguese 340

Portuguese Phonology

Portuguese 421

Modern Portuguese Syntax

Psychology 421

Psychology of Language

Psychology 550

Animal Communication and the Origins of Language

Psychology 715

Language & Cognitive Development

Psychology 720

Speech Perception and Reading

Psychology 721


Scandanavian Studies 407-408 (Crosslisted with Medieval Studies)

Old Norse

Scandanavian Studies 410

Introduction to Scandanavian Linguistics

Scandanavian Studies 413

Structure of the Scandanavian Languages

Scandanavian Studies 414

History of the Scandanavian Languages

Slavic Languages 703

History of the Russian Language

Slavic Languages 704

The Structure of the Russian Language

Slavic Languages 705

Special Topics in Russian Language/Linguistics

Slavic Languages 706

Old Church Slavic

Slavic Languages 708

Proseminar--Introduction to Slavic Linguistics

Slavic Languages 805

Comparative Slavic Linguistics

Slavic Languages 950

Seminar - Russian Linguistics

Slavic Languages 951

Seminar - Slavic Linguistics

Sociology 535

Language and Social Interaction

Spanish 329

Spanish Phonetics

Spanish 330

History of the Spanish Language

Spanish 333-334

Structure of the Spanish Language

Spanish 335-336 (Crosslisted with Medieval Studies)

Old Spanish

Spanish 340

Spanish Phonology

Spanish 343

Applied Spanish Linguistics for Teachers

Spanish 540

Problems in Spanish Phonology

Spanish 630

Topics in Hispanic Linguistics

Spanish 809-810

Seminar: Structure of the Spanish Language

Spanish 811-812 (Crosslisted with Medieval Studies)

Philological Seminar--Old Spanish

Spanish 813-814

Seminar: Historical Spanish Syntax and Lexicography



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