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Thomas Purnell

Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics
Office: 1104 Van Hise
Phone: 262-4229
Personal page:

Ph.D.: University of Delaware, Department of Linguistics, 1998

Academic positions held
1998-2000: Visiting Assistant Professor, UW-Madison
2000-present: Assistant Professor, UW-Madison

Courses taught
General Phonetics
Introduction to Acoustic Phonetics
Advanced Experimental Phonetics
Phonological Theories
Seminars in Phonology
Introduction to Human Language
Topics in Linguistics: "Language and Racial Identification"

Current research interests - See the Research Page

Representative publications

1999. Metrical utility: Extending the power of grids. Proceedings of the Fourth International Linguistics and Phonetics Conference.

Purnell, T., Idsardi, W., & Baugh, J. 1999. Perceptual and phonetic experiments on American English dialect identification. Journal of Language and Social Psychology 18.

Idsardi, W., & Purnell, T. 1997. Metrical Tone and the Elsewhere Condition. Rivista di Linguistica 9:1-28.

1997. Principles and parameters of phonological rules: Evidence from tone languages. Doctoral dissertation, University of Delaware.

Idsardi, W., & Purnell, T. 1995. Sukuma Accent. Proceedings of the Chicago Linguistic Society 31:217-230.



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