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Related Programs at UW

Following is a list of some UW departments that have linguistics-related degree programs. In addition, many foreign language departments may offer linguistics courses: check the Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog, and Timetable for more details. Also see the list of Linguistics Faculty on the UW Campus.

Communication Arts

B.A. with a concentration in communication science and rhetorical studies; M.A./Ph.D. in communication science.

Communicative Disorders

B.S. in communicative disorders; M.S./Ph.D. in the areas of audiology; language and language disorders; speech pathology; and the normal aspects of speech, hearing, and language.


B.A. with an emphasis on English language and linguistics; M.A. with a specialization in applied English linguistics and second language acquisition (ESL); Ph.D. in English language and linguistics; Ph.D. minor in English linguistics.


B.A. with a concentration in German Linguistics; M.A./Ph.D. with a specialization in linguistics and philology (including applied linguistics); extensive coursework in Dutch language and linguistics.




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