Brazil's first ambassador to the United States, Joaquim Nabuco (1849-1910) authored the commencement speech for the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the spring of 1909. The speech, "The Share of America in Civilization" (The American Historical Review 15.1 [1909] 54-65), is considered one of Nabuco's most important essays in the area of diplomacy and international relations. This symposium aims to commemorate the centenary of Nabuco's essay as well as the strong links between the University of Wisconsin and Brazil. It will also launch the Brazil Initiative, a series of events and collaborations between the University, private foundations and the Brazilian government. Scholars representing a variety of disciplines will present papers on different aspect of the writings and career of Nabuco, a notable abolitionist, memorialist, prolific author and one of the most influential political and intellectual figures of his time.

"The Share of America in Civilization" - University of Wisconsin- Madison 1909 Baccalaureate Address by Joaquim Nabuco.

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