The School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the home of the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture. SLIS cosponsors the Center with the Wisconsin Historical Society, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.  

For over twenty years the Center has been fostering the interdisciplinary study of print culture, through lectures and colloquia, biennial conferences, and the University of Wisconsin Press series "The History of Print and Digital Culture."  We encourage scholarly work on the authorship, reading, publication and distribution of print--and now digital--materials, produced by those at both the center and the periphery of power.

An important initiative of the Center is to raise funds for the James P. Danky Fellowship, established in honor of Center Founder James P. Danky, who retired as Director in 2006. The Danky Fellowship will provide an annual short-term research fellowship for use at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

I hope you will enjoy finding out more about the Center by exploring our site.  And if you wish to help, we invite you to make a gift to the Center to support our events, our projects, and our students.  Thank you for your interest!

Jonathan Senchyne, Director